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MAK filter combination for paint work

Portable lightweight with three-stage breathing air treatment

The core of the MAK mobile breathing air system by KSI Filtertechnik is the three-stage conditioning unit consisting of an MFO, an SMA and a CA filter. Water components and particles of 1 micron, 0.01 micron and in the CA filter element also oil aerosols down to a residual oil content of < 0.003 mg/m³ are separated one after the other.

Breathing air is not only provided in the required purity, but also where the user needs it. Ideal for the cleaning of tank farms, paint shops or construction sites.
Mobile Breathing Air Combination MAK

With dimensions of only 40 cm × 64.8 mm × 18.6 mm, the MAK 63 is only slightly larger than a suitcase to take on an airplane, and with its weight of 15 kg it is portable despite its sturdy construction.

Further advantages of the Mobile Breathing Air Combination MAK: Due to the clever arrangement of the APF filter elements in the filter bell of the housing, the change is done quickly and economically with KSI manufactured, comparatively inexpensive elements.