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PFU filter combination for breathing air

Compressed air preparation and technical breathing air treatment

With the filter combinations PFU2 (for painting air) and PFU3 (for breathing air), KSI Filtertechnik provides 2 service units for clean compressed air. The filter combinations are suitable for the operation of the paint shop or for providing breathing air for the painter or for both applications.
In order to achieve a perfect painting result, compressed air treatment is absolutely essential, since air drawn in via the compressor and then compressed is always contaminated, for example by oil components from the compressor as well as by condensate, dust and silicone particles.
For processing into breathing air with the PFU3 maintenance unit, the compressed air, after having been optimally pre-dried by means of a refrigeration dryer, passes through three filtration stages. In the process, it is possible to reduce the flow resistance by up to 75% due to the arc-shaped air inlet.

After the first filtration stage for particles down to 5 microns (including water separation function) and the second filtration stage with 0.01 microns, the air passes through an activated carbon filter: the end result is 100% technically particle-free and oil-free air.
In the practical KSI ECOCLEAN® FILTER COMBI PFU 3, KSI has brought together the necessary elements of (breathing) air treatment and supply for paint booths:

- KSI ECOCLEAN® prefilter with automatic condensate drain
- KSI ECOCLEAN® Submicrofilter
- KSI ECOCLEAN® activated carbon filter
- Pressure regulator
- Outlets with safety coupling
- Wall mounts